Bring your friends and family to our plant bar in Lafayette, LA

Giving someone a bouquet of flowers is a beautiful gesture, but those cut flowers will die in a few days. Instead, give your loved ones a unique experience by planning a plant bar event. Coffeeweed Cottage has a plant bar in Lafayette, LA where you can put together your perfect potted plant. You'll pick your favorite plant, choose a beautiful pot and add on any chu-chuts you'd like. All soil, sand and gravel are included in your booking price.

Do you have questions about our plant bar activities? Speak with us when you call 337-607-1410 now.

Plants for any occasion

What's better than a party bag? A custom plant made by hand. You and your group will have cute plants to fondly remember your time together.

Visit our plant bar for your upcoming:

  • Bachelorette party
  • Family get-together
  • Birthday celebration
  • Team building event
Fill out the form on our Contact Us page to request a reservation for your plant bar event.