Our Story

We are an experience of nature and conversation, culture and style, sipping and lingering. The cottage has everything from coffee, books, plants and home decor. Whether you are looking for an eccentric furniture piece, buying gifts or something for yourself we want you to have an enjoyable experience. So come alone or bring a friend our cottage is a place where people are encouraged to relax and reset!

​The owner Denise Champagne-McClure (I love writing in 3rd person:) has been in the kitchen & bath industry for over 20 years. She became passionate about design and products while helping to build and remodel the showrooms for Coburn Supply Company. As a buyer going to market for over 8 years, she would pretend it was her company and what would she want? Prior to 2020 pandemic she had a vision for what the new showrooms would look like and came up with a shopping experience that would include coffeeshop and an area for lingering. Well as lots of people's stories changed dramatically because of 2020 so did this idea....it got tabled. (Now it's time for me to jump in) I shifted my career and went into the manufacturing side, however my vision kept resurfacing. God put it on my heart that this needs to happen and I need to be the one to do it! So here we are:)

The elements we have are the 4 things I absolutely love and know.....coffee w/chicory, plants, books and of course home decor! My other reason for opening this business is to reach our community in a way that I know and love.....conversation. Truly getting to know people and having the hard conversations over a cup of coffee or tea. The location we picked was purposeful for this and intentional, which is for another conversation. So yeah to know the rest of the story you gotta come see me, grab a cup and lets talk.